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I Used To Have One Of Those


Looking for CX500A parts to buy

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Guy called James Kelly from Lismore in Tralee joined the UK Club at the Stafford Show - I rang him and spoke to him and he seems sound.


He is after a few parts (to buy) for a CX500A if anyone wants to sell a few bits


18" reverse comstar rear wheel

Rear brake arm - bit that fits to splined shaft coming out of rear wheel brake hub

Reflector for rear numberplate holder

spare headlight rim for a CX500 model A


Think the bike is 1981.


Let me know if you have anything.



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Thanks Colin, I'm only going on what the guy told me over the phone - I would hope he knows what he has or what he wants ??????


Thanks Mike, this isnt a freebie, he said he wants "to buy" so let me know prices etc and I'll put him on to you. I dont know him and I dont know if he's only joined to get bits to finish a bike and flog it - only time will tell.



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