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I Used To Have One Of Those

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Oil loss and more

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I had a few problems with my CX while I was over in Europe...

The first thing that went wrong was it cut out just after passport control at Harwich. I managed to get it going but only after removing all my luggage and wiggling the wires under the seat. After cutting out or not starting a couple of more times, it turned out to be a bad connection to the ignitec unit which Peter and I did a semi-permanent fix by replacing the scotch clip ( ) with a terminal block.


Once over in Holland, we got caught in a rain storm and my speedo began playing up and making a funny noise, eventually giving up the ghost completely and spilling its guts.



Then my left indicator repeater stopped working, which turned out to be a bad connection and was easily remedied when I was inside the headlight cowling removing the broken speedo cable.


More worrying, it was tending to overheat, especially when caught in traffic, and despite there appearing to be plenty of coolant in the overflow tank. In fact it got so bad, that on the way home even slowing down to a crawl into a service station would see it rise alarmingly! I thought perhaps the fan had come loose or something. When I checked the coolant in the radiator, it took nearly a litre to top it up. I still don't know where it went or why it didn't top itself up from the overflow.


Most worrying of all was the oil usage, I checked the oil level before I set off, but when I got to Denmark (Arne Madsen's house) it took almost a litre to top it back up to normal, same again on the return journey. I was losing some from a weeping camshaft tensioner bolt but not that much. Yesterday, I decided to do a compression test and after warming it up (it took ages to warm up - I think the thermostat may be stuck open), I tested both pots without and with oil:-

Without oil 130/130 psi

With oil 165/170 psi

Oh dear, the spec is 171 +/- 28 psi, so the w/o oil readings are definitely too low, whilst the with oil readings indicate it is worn piston/rings/bores and not just valve seals (which would have been easy to fix)


Out with the spanners...


I have 3 more engines in various states of repair so I think I'll build one of them up and plonk it in while I overhaul the existing one.

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Welcome to the world of "longer than you should" journeys on 30+ year old bikes !


Not matter what prep you do there is always something that "pops" up looking for attention.



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Mine is using oil too, but cant be arsed to rebuild it, I'm just going to keep topping up as I only use it for short trips, I should do a compression test but if I did I probably wont sleep again!!

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Do what Colin ( Victor ) did when he came to Hungary on his 500 with his wife on the back and had bad oil burning issues. Put a flat rack on the top box lid and then bungee a 5 litre plastic oil container on it, stopping every few hundred miles to top up.

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