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I Used To Have One Of Those

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I had a great run up to Inverness last Wednesday, I took the Scenic route following the Whisky Trail Dufftown, Craigellachie, Rothes, then

joining the A96 for the rest of the journey to Inverness. It was good to open up the Visor on the approach to the Distilleries and take in the

Aroma of the Whisky making process. It would have been even better if I could have stopped and had a Wee Dram at all of them.

The weather was good there and back and it was a great day out and the Old Girl never missed a beat.

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It was 190miles I left home at 10am and after a stay of 2 hours in Inverness I got home at 4.30pm, about 10 minutes before the rain started.

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You paint a wonderful picture Lawrie. I'm thinking that must be the perfect scenario - riding a CX / GL through the Scottish highlands in the sunshine with a waft of Whisky in the air. ( note how I spell Whisky)

I suppose it could have gone just one better when you got home but at your age Lawrie you'll have forgotten what I'm talking about !



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