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I Used To Have One Of Those

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500b fork leg spacers

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Part number 7 shown Here?


If so I found those impossible to find (One of mine got bent, which luckily I was able to flatten again). The general consensus is that they can be left off.

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They were completely impossible to find my B model forks. I couldn't even find a suitably sized alternative. Luckily I was able to bend mine back as it wasn't too badly deformed. Plenty of folk on the American CX forum are running without them without issue.

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Like a few other things it would be easy enough to get some of these made up. Its only like a large washer to certain measurements.


I'm not suggesting the club do it but if someone wanted to invest a few quid to get a batch made up I'm sure they would be easily sold among the various CX clubs around the world ??


I think the club needs to be a little cautious in investing in making and holding lots of spares - better to get an idea of numbers, make a batch to cover this plus 50%, then sell the rest on. To do this involves lots of work in spec'ing the part, sourcing a manufacturer, selling the part internally, then selling remaining parts externally etc etc....all adds up to lots of effort for minimal return (financially)



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