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I Used To Have One Of Those


Non-CX: NTV Silencer

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Hi folks! Need a silemcer (Motad, standard, anything!) please for my NTV650P, think Motad same for 600/650. Not fussed if it's a bit cosmetically challenged or lovely, but MOT up in 5 weeks and mine is getting a bit HD


Hope OK to post here, I know a few of us have gone NTV.

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I have got an old Motad the Silencer looks in reasonable nick but the part that joins to the Downpipes is a bit mangled. You may be able to

repair it. It is yours if you want it.

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Cheers, Lawrie, have emailed uou. My silencer also looks good except that bottom wee tube (now can see through it!). I have taken to apologising to my neighbours...



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Well, after a lovely run thru Fife to meet Lawrie, Grace, and the dogs and have lunch in Carnoustie...I have his old Motad (and a spag bol made of chocolate from Fisher and Donaldson in Cupar...). All solid, except bit with clamp "peeled off" and other tube also mangled at end.


A happy morning of heating, bending, and chopping bits off with a grinder resulted in something usable! Fitted on with proper exhaust clamps at £4 each, and a crappy car one for £1.


Still a bit noisy, so after a few days, tried again- self-annealing heatproof tape (260c it says, looks like liquorice) wound over the joins, then alu pie tin wrapped round that. Clamps back on and it's gas-tight and silent!

Ran it 30 miles to see if it all melted, then today sailed it through MOT!


Thanks Lawrie again, £160 saved on buying a proper silencer!




Edit: struggling to put Flikr photos on here Motad NTV Repair gas-tight

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