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I Used To Have One Of Those


CX500 Project

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Hey all

I have had a guy down here get in touch...he wants a CX500 Project, Ideally A/B/Z and possibly E, but is not a fan of the custom.

It needs to be at least a rolling chassis....and ideally a runner but whatever you have let us know and I'll pass it on.

He wants to keep the bike stock so it's not another hack job in the making

All the best


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Hi there,


thinking about this one - my Custom already has a larger ZAB rear wheel, and I do have a 'bad' (as in 'needs sanding/filling/paining) ZAB tank in the garage that could be fitted/made to fit. But it would be a proper project, lot's of rust all around - but it does come with low mileage, a decent exhaust & chrome bits (custom, though). You have seen the other thread, right? Pretty sure I can get the MOT (minor misting on the front forks, perhaps).


All the best,


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